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Founded in 2017 by Ro Williams Brann, The Mom Life Co. specializes in crafting timeless, high-quality, and meaningful essentials for moms.

The Mom Life Co. creates namesake, everyday jewelry for modern moms. Each personalized piece is hand-crafted from raw brass and tells a story full of meaning! Simply put, we make affordable custom mom jewelry that doesn't suck. You'll want to wear it everyday. We use chunky raw brass because it's unique and stands the test of time. Instead of "turning" or losing its luster, raw brass patinas and develops a new shine as it ages. Some may call it a "tarnish", but we know better. It's like the journey of motherhood -- the more life you live, the more story there is to tell.

We carefully source superior quality materials within the US and Europe, craft each piece by hand in our NJ workshop, and offer modern personalization to create a piece that's unique to you. Your little(s) has made an immeasurable impact on your soul, and now their names can do the same for your personal style. Enjoy!


Motherhood is a journey - the more life you live, the more story you have to tell.