Welcome to the Mom Life!


Hello! If you're popping in for the very first time, thanks for joining! And if you're looking for The Bloggerella, long time no see :) Welcome to our new online home...The Mom Life! To say that our lives have been a rollercoaster lately would be putting it mildly. Marriage, careers, reality tv, moving, family sickness, a baby -- you name it, it's likely been thrown our way. While navigating the journey of becoming a new mom, I began sharing as much as I could and it became glaringly obvious at each turn that things were never going to be the same. With a new baby comes new responsibilities, new obstacles to overcome, new mistakes to be made -- basically a whole new life to live. And that's totally ok! It's what we all call #momlife!

The Mom Life is...relishing in the luxurious, highly exclusive, much sought after act of... finally washing your hair! It's when you suddenly feel stifled by your decision to breastfeed, only to feel like a lactating goddess in the very next moment. It's celebrating milestones and birthdays -- an overwhelming sense of pride for each one. It's cute tiny outfit shopping, cute tiny shoe shopping, cute tiny freaking everything shopping! Also that time you're rushing out the door, and at just past the point of no return, you realize you forgot (insert kiddy meltdown prevention tool here)! It's the last few days before you're about to pop -- terrified, swollen, but can't contain the excitement to meet your tiny human.

It's an irrational nagging fear that you're screwing it up ALL the time! It's stretch marks, and sore nipples, and career goals you're worried you'll never accomplish. It's mom guilt -- SO much mom guilt. But it's snuggles and bath time and silly song time too. It's forgetting how to wear actual outfits, makeup, heels -- what's my bra size again? On some days it's the greatest joy on the face of the planet, and on other days it's soul-crushing and deeply confusing. Either way though, once you live a #momlife, you can't possibly imagine living any other way. And that's what this community is all about -- sharing the colorful, the creative, the crazy!

New mom, expert mom, sorta kinda not quite sure mom -- you're all welcome here. One thing I've learned in my first year of "momming", is that a relatable community is the single most impactful thing any of us could hope to have. And if you don't know, now you know, Mommy!