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I am beyond excited to finally share this post today. After months of preparing, The Mom Life Co. is officially re-launched with so many new goodies for all of you! As you take a peek around you'll notice a fresh new look to the site, see a familiar blog and discover some new features as well.

What's the the biggest new feature yet? Our Shop, of course! 

The Mom Life Co. now specializes in crafting namesake jewelry for modern motherhood. Each personalized piece is handmade from raw brass to tell your #momlifeco story. Simply put, we make affordable custom mom jewelry that doesn't suck. You'll want to wear it everyday! 


So, how did all of this come to be? It all started the moment I became a mom. There aren't words to describe those first few months spent bonding with my daughter Arya, but when it came time to return to work, I was dreading the transition. As a present to myself, I set out to find the perfect personalized necklace with Arya's name on it. I wanted something simple and effortless that would go with literally any outfit, but everything I found was too generic or too cutesy or too expensive. Discouraged but determined, I decided to design it myself and that turned into what we now call the OG Bar Necklace! I loved the chunky raw brass piece and the hand stamped modern design. 

Photo Jul 07, 2 42 26 PM.jpg

To my genuine surprise, other moms loved it too and not a day went by without being asked where I got my necklace from. After months of having to disappoint every inquiry with a general "I made it myself!" response, I started to wonder why. Why just make them for myself, and not for other moms too? The next few months were a blur. Researching vendors, sustainable suppliers, e-commerce, design, packaging, photography - you name it, I was doing it in the wee hours in between working full time and juggling #momlife.

Fast forward to today, the Mom Life Co. shop is live! Now no matter where you are, you can shop our namesake pieces for the little ones in your lives. In addition to the original that inspired this all, you'll find the:

Ready to shop? Click through the SHOP to take a closer look (and get FREE US shipping on all orders made during our launch sale!). I designed each piece to give you the flexibility you need for simple customization. They're also a super thoughtful gift for any mom, at any stage of motherhood (especially for the one who's already got everything).


So much passion has gone into launching this business, so I genuinely hope you love it as much as I do. Brass jewelry is just the beginning and we can't wait to share new product features along the way! For those of you who have been around since the beginning, I'm so grateful to have had your support over the years and hope you'll continue to share the Mom Life Co. love! And if you're just joining us, welcome to the best community of mamas you'll ever meet. Here's to sharing the realness of motherhood, one #momlifeco story at a time - you know where to find me!