Pregnancy Post: November Update

As promised, today kicks off the very first pregnancy post series for November! So that I can one day look back and recall (with vivid detail) the crazy weeks spent cooking up Baby Brann, each month I'll document what I'm loving / hating / everything in-between. I'm well into my second and on the way to my third trimester, so have become increasingly aware of the many changes my body is going through. Thankfully my thyroid meds have been managing my symptoms well enough, so I'm having more good days than bad. And finally, FINALLY!, I'm enjoying some parts of pregnancy - namely how active Baby Brann has become. This past weekend while sitting at a Target, yours truly lifted my shirt to convince Rob that I could actually see my belly move with each kick. I was right, and it is SO COOL. Baby Brann is really in there.

Read on for more of what November has had in store so far:

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