Milkmakers Lactation Cookies + a Giveaway!

milkmakers lactation cookies, lactation cookies, milkmakers, breastfeeding treats, how to increase milk supplyI am fully aware that not every problem in life can be solved with a snack, but the team at Milkmakers lactation cookies know that to a nursing mom -- sometimes, a cookie is all we need (and one lucky reader will win some by entering the giveaway below)! But these aren't just any cookies -- they're yummy lactation cookies that are all-natural, organic, preservative free, dairy free AND fenugreek free. Click here for info on exactly how they're made and how they work! Milkmakers cookies and tea are really delicious -- even taste test approved by some of the ladies in my mom group! One thing we all loved? How HUGE each cookie is. My favorite is the lemon cookie, baked with a zesty flavor and topped with sugar. And their lactation tea? I actually look forward to sitting down with a cup of the 4x concentrated coconut tea. YUM! Totally reason enough for me to break my 21 Day Fix diet, on occasion!milkmakers lactation cookies, lactation cookies, milkmakers, breastfeeding treats, how to increase milk supplyI've tried making my own lactation treats, but honestly once life got back to being on the go, I just didn't have the time each week! And they didn't look as good as these lol The simple fact that Milkmakers cookies can also come individually wrapped makes them so easy to toss in the baby bag (or the car console, or the stroller organizer -- ok you get it -- I'm a mom mess who needs options lol). And once I have a bit more time to spend in the kitchen again, I can't wait to bake my own using their lactation cookie mixes!milkmakers lactation cookies, lactation cookies, milkmakers, breastfeeding treats, how to increase milk supply

But I know what you're all waiting for! Did I see an increase in supply? Actually, YES. I started by having one cookie and one cup of tea after lunchtime, and I already felt much fuller by bedtime. The next day I doubled up with two cups of tea, and by my normal 10:30pm pump I had expressed an extra 3.5 oz per side. You know it's a good pump when you can store half in the fridge for the next day, and stash the overflow in the freezer!

Breastfeeding is a beautiful, frustrating, lovely, overwhelming experience that I had no idea would be full of so many ups & downs. Sometimes it feels so freeing and badass -- yet other days it can feel confining! Arya and I are going 6 months strong exclusively breast-feeding and while I'm now fully confident in technique, the challenges come in different forms. So instead of worrying about latch, I worry about her getting distracted while at the breast. And instead of worrying about forceful letdown, I worry about lackluster supply! A dip in your milk supply can occur for any number of reasons, but I feel SO much confidence in the simple fact that there are lactation treats out there that really work. Enjoy!

PLUS: Head over to Instagram and look for Arya's cookie pic, for details on how to enter to win your own stash of yummy Milkmakers lactation cookies! Good luck!