Baby Essentials: Happy Baby Wraps

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Whether it's a cool online shop or a favorite baby essential (like today's Happy Baby Wraps), I enjoy being able to share the things that I love with all of you each week! Double points if it's something I love that also makes my life easier, and the wrap that Arya and I are sporting is a babywearing, warm weather dwelling, mommy-on-the-go's absolute dream! I decided pretty early on into pregnancy that I was going to be all about wearing my baby. So when she finally arrived, you better believe I already had the perfect one picked out and ready for her to snuggle up into. Arya really liked being close to me during the early weeks, and I really enjoyed being able to tote her around safely whether out or at home. So much that our first wrap became a daily essential for us. And while I still love that first thicker baby wrap, I didn't take into account that the Florida heat is INTENSE! By early May, it became almost impossible to continue our morning walks together because we were both drenched in sweat in under 5 minutes. A sweaty baby is not a happy baby. Ahh!

I hated to end our babywearing relationship prematurely, so I conducted extensive research (also known as asking your Insta-fam! lol) and found many suggestions to move away from the wrap style carrier that we'd become accustomed to. And while I still may do that one day soon, I am SO excited that I finally found a lightweight baby wrap carrier that works wonders in warm weather. The Happy Wrap is made from ultra-soft organic bamboo, and is completely breathable. I mean it -- Arya and I have tested it out during some of the warmer parts of the day and there's not a complaint from either of us. She loves it so much that even in the humidity, she's able to comfortably doze off without waking up to heat rash! And can I nurse in this bad boy? Absolutely.

If you're lucky enough to live where it's super warm, or even taking a vacation this summer, I've found the perfect solution in Happy Baby Wraps. You and your happy baby are going to LOVE it! Enjoy! :)

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