So...What's a Challenge Group?

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If you've been following my postpartum fitness journey, you've seen me sharing about my passion for wellness coaching and leading fitness challenge groups! I receive tons of curious questions every day, but if there's one question I get more frequently than others, it's this -- WHAT exactly is a fitness challenge group?!

WHAT: It's simple really -- every month I coach groups of women who are all taking charge of their health & fitness, with the support of a custom Beachbody workout program and nutrition. As a community, we keep each other on track every day through the power of accountability and as a coach, I'm committed to guiding every single one of my challengers toward achieving their goals. You can expect easy to follow portion control eating plans, whole nutrition to help cut cravings with Shakeology, 30 minute workouts that you can do from anywhere, and 24/7 accountability to keep you motivated!

HOW: I've been committed to the 21 Day Fix program for 3 back to back rounds now because it's helped me achieve such fantastic results, but I'm so proud to say 21 Day Fix has also done the same for many of the women I coach. We focus on logging daily workouts, nutrition, meal planning, time management, all of it! And some days, there's an extra fitness challenge sprinkled in. Though to join a challenge group, you don't have to be on the 21 Day Fix -- everyone connects differently when it comes to working out so before joining, I help to customize a plan that works for each person's lifestyle. Even if you typically "HATE working out" -- $5 bucks says I can find a way to turn that excuse into action! Cardio, dancing, weight training, yoga? SO many options, to find what works for you!

WHEN: Each challenge group runs for 21 to 30 days, depending on the month, but they happen every single month! For new challengers, I spend an entire week on 1:1 in-depth prep work, and then we always start a new challenge group on a Monday (because who doesn't need a weekend to mentally prepare? lol)! In my opinion prep week is the best -- I share tons of invaluable resources, no question is off the table, and it gives everyone a chance to get to know the community. Our goal is to make sure every single person feels set-up for success before kick-off Monday!

WHERE: Sharing is caring -- but when you're starting something new, sharing can be scary! Which is why I coach using a private challenge group app (that I am OBSESSED WITH). Visually, it sorta feels like Facebook, but it's so much more comprehensive. It doubles as a personal progress tracker, you can access tons of resources from me, and post photos/updates/anything to share with the group. I spend SO much time in the app with my groups, that it rivals my love for Instagram lol Not kidding!

I enjoy coaching so much, but ultimately what I like most is seeing the women who join me every month take charge of their lives in whatever way, shape, or form they deem necessary. What makes it sweeter is that simply put -- the programs and nutrition JUST WORK. Everyone is working from a different place, but everyone is working for the right reasons and I love celebrating their successes!

My August group is already off to an awesome start, but if you're tackling your goals in September, NOW is the time to just do it, already!

Joining my next group? Leave your details below for more info! Have questions for me? Send me a note!