My Newborn Essentials


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Details: Nursing Tank | SwaddlePods | Brewer's Yeast | Lansinoh | Nursing Pillow | Boppy

Weekender Bag | Car Seat Travel System | Relaxed Tank

Epsom Salt Bath | Matte Makeup | Witch Hazel Pads | Prenatals

Baby Wrap | Wubbanub | Boppy Lounger | Coconut Oil | Body Creme

Soothie Pacifiers | Cocoa Butter | Natural Deodorant | Mini Cot

Jersey Maxi Dress | Romper | Footie Pajamas

Travel Changing Station | Baby Detergent | Free & Clear Wipes | Travel Water Bottle 

Before Arya was born, I remember being completely stressed out about exactly what we'd need at home to take care of a new baby! Luckily, I researched everything high and low so my newborn essentials have proven to be invaluable over the past few weeks. So much so, that I wanted to share! Some of these are suggestions from kind veteran moms, many are suggestions from this grateful new mom, but rest assured that they're all solid products that do what they promise they'll do. Which is all any new mom wants to know, while navigating the treacherous terrain of #newbornlife. I've come to rely heavily on all of the above, but check out a few standout favorites below that are definitely worth trying:

Coconut Oil

Great for everything including sore nipples, smeared under eye mascara removal, removing cradle cap flakes, moisturizing baby's skin post bath, preventing diaper rash, and did I mention sore nipples? Coconut oil is in heavy rotation in our house. It's safe and natural for baby, is super cheap and goes a LONG way. It's seriously saved my nipple skin more than once, and works better than the lanolin on some occasions!


I swear I learned how to swaddle before baby got here, but once she did, those skills immediately fell out of my head. Not to mention, most babies are swaddle ninjas no matter how tight you pull it. I was desperate for a solution after night 2 of no sleep, and gloriously found SwaddlePods. Made by the same company who makes the velcro SwaddleMe sacks, but specially for newborns who are blanket elusive. The pods are made from a stretchy jersey material, so baby gets a little bit of movement throughout the night but never enough to startle herself. PLUS: it zips up/down both directions! Meaning you don't have to remove it for middle of the night diaper changes / feedings. WIN!

Weekender Bag

I never really bought into the whole "baby bag" phenomenon, especially once I saw how expensive they were! Maybe it's because I like the flexibility of switching it up, and really you can turn almost any tote bag into a diaper bag with the right essentials. The weekender bags at Target are perfect for this! Heavy duty enough to be used everyday, just enough compartments to stay organized and super spacious. I love that it's also gender neutral - something daddy wouldn't mind tossing over his shoulder as well! Which brings me to...

Travel Changing Station

...the travel changing station that has already seen it's fair share of car seat diaper blowouts! This one clips in and out of any bag you choose, has space for all the diaper change essentials and wipes clean with a simple wet cloth. It also has a wrist loop so if I'm just popping out quickly and don't want the whole baby bag, I can just bring the changing station on its own!

Relaxed Tank

Best non-nursing tank award goes to Old Navy! These stretchy tanks pull down from the front comfortably enough to nurse almost anywhere. Car? Yup, tried it. Mall? Yup, tried it. For days when you'd like to wear actual clothing that does not snap onto itself.

Baby Wrap

Baby wearing is the best. It just is. There's something about being able to keep a close and watchful eye over a sleeping baby that does not involve hovering over a bassinet. Baby wraps give you your hands back while simultaneously giving you the sweetest moments for bonding. It can be intimidating, but if you just spare 3 minutes to watch a video on the internet (ok, watch it a few times), you'll be a pro in no time! Plus, it's my favorite way to politely ensure that strangers don't get too friendly with touching the baby while out in public.

Epsom Salt Bath

Glorious was the moment that I was finally able to take a hot bubble bath, post 6 week checkup! I was counting down the days. This bubble bath is amazing because it's made with epsom salts, which naturally aid in the reduction of swelling. Because let's face it - those of who just had babies are still swollen down there and even though we're six weeks removed, it is not okay! A soak in these healing bubbles helped me to forget, for a few minutes at least!