Long Island Beach Day with Stop and Shop

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I don’t know about you but as soon as mid-August hits, I start to feel a little bit of end of Summer panic! So when our friends at Stop and Shop invited us in-store to check out the newly renovated store concepts, it served as the perfect opportunity to pile the fam in the car and head out for one last day trip to the beach! I’ve been wanting to find a cute, tiny, relaxed beach with a flat shore that Arya could play in. Rob spent much of his childhood living on Long Island not too far from Corey Beach, and it turns out its exactly the kind of spot we’ve been looking for! Bonus? There was a newly renovated Stop and Shop location just 5 minutes from the beach!

Instead of packing the car to the brim we grabbed swimsuits, towels, and made a quick list of things to buy while we were checking out the store! First impressions? The new concept is super bright, clean, and feels fresh. You can really tell that the team at Stop and Shop put tons of thought into the customer experience! There’s what can only be described as a full on food court cafe. Yup - in the grocery store! There was a coffee and smoothie bar, a giant salad bar, a taqueria stand, sushi / poke bowls, hot dishes and even a BBQ smoker.

They’ve also added frictionless checkout features like ScanIt! (a handheld scanner tool that allows you to scan and bag on the go without waiting in line) and a ramped up mobile ordering / delivery service through PeaPod. My favorite features are the in-store experiences though! Think things like self-serve machines to create your own olive oil and vinegar blends, a kombucha fountain with fill up growlers, and a touch screen craft beer kiosk which suggests food/brew pairings.

The icing on the cake has got to be how kid-friendly the store feels! Arya found herself a cute little mini table that was just her size and right next to it, a huge chalk wall that kept her busy during an otherwise “boring” shopping trip. That alone is a win. Overall, I was SO seriously impressed and I can’t wait for our NJ stores to begin renovating too!

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