Baby Update: Week 6 & 7


baby update, bloggerella baby

You want to know why week 6 & week 7 of my bloggerella baby update are being lumped together? Because collectively, I'm calling them the "lost days". I'm calling them that because the growth spurts that occurred during these two weeks have been the second most challenging terrain to navigate (hardest still being the first two weeks of sleep deprivation and breastfeeding drama). Just when you think you've turned a corner with getting the hang of things, your baby throws you a curve ball. Things that once worked wonderfully to soothe your crying infant now barely make an impact. It's hard, and more than a few times I felt like crying right along with Arya. And sleep? Yeah no, whatever routine you thought you may have been getting into is immediately replaced with cluster feeding, spaced out only by 30 minute cat naps. Ahh!

Technically growth spurts only last 1 or 2 days, but to a new mom it feels like forever. And even just a few out of whack days have a ripple effect on the entire week if you're not careful! My advice is to find people who can share knowledge, tips, or just sympathetic stories that make you feel just a little less insane. Thankfully I started attending a mommy and me support group very early on, and it's really proven to be invaluable at each stage of infancy.  Our certified nurse/LC prepares me every week with tools for helping Arya along during huge developmental leaps, and it's been nice to have a sounding board of moms who are navigating the highs and lows, just like me. We knew going into week 6 that we'd just have to ride it out, rely on trial and error and then work hard on re-establishing a good eating/sleeping routine. Happy to report that we survived and on the other side, it feels great to know that we can handle the not-so-fun times as a team!

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