Thoughts on Playards


Happy Monday! Just a quick chat about playards today -- mainly because our Nuna Sena Mini  has been one of my favorite baby items to date and we're sadly outgrowing it! The Sena has seen us from sleepless newborn nights to airports and everywhere in between. I love how easily it transports from room to room around our place, and it's saved me more than once from having to do something one-handed with Arya on my hip. But as she reached 10 months, it became clear that Arya needed more room to roam independently. What to do? Get a giant ass playard and say goodbye to our living room? I stubbornly searched for another alternative. While she certainly loves playing in her room with the baby gate up for security, that didn't quite solve MY need for her to have a safe place to play while I worked / cooked / tackled a workout in our common spaces. Instead of giggling and clapping while going into the Nuna like before, she started getting frustrated and very vocal about wanting to bust outta there! Selfishly, I never entertained the idea of a larger playard because -- I HATE HOW MUCH ROOM THEY TAKE UP -- but what's that saying about cutting off your nose to spite your face? Thus, the eternal underlying tone of playards, nuna sena mini, playpens for babies, playards baby playards, nuna sena mini, playpens for babies, playardsAnd these pictures serve as proof that I clearly gave in and went for the large, eye sore, monstrosity of a playard and you know what? I couldn't be happier with our North States Superyard Colorplay 6 panel Freestanding Gate -- Arya freaking loves this thing! It's 5 ½ feet corner to corner -- more than enough space for her to have a little independence while allowing us to keep an eye on her when we're busy doing other things. I always go for neutral baby gear that compliments our home decor, but for once I actually liked the bright primary pops of this playard. The six interlocking panels are pre-connected -- all we had to do was pull the panels out of the box, unfold and connect them together. It comes complete with skid-resistant pads so they won't slip or scratch our hardwood floors and is SUPER sturdy for babies who like to quite literally test boundaries (i.e. ram their bodies into brightly colored plastic, just for fun)!baby playards, nuna sena mini, playpens for babies, playards baby playards, nuna sena mini, playpens for babies, playardsI guess this is another department of "momming" in which I surprised myself! In the few weeks that we've been using our playard, I've noticed SO much about Arya's independent play. I can tell that she actually looks forward to the small chunks of time that she gets to spend in there. By keeping only a few different toys on hand, she really focuses intently on each one and takes her time to master new skills. I try to rotate what activities she has to interact with so she never gets bored, and one of her new favorite things is snack time using her new cup! I get so much done now whenever I'm working from home, and recently, Rob showed her how to make a blanket fort -- she gets such a kick out of burrowing under the fluff and playing peek-a-boo while I'm across in the kitchen cooking. So even if you think you hate the idea of them at first -- playards for the win, mamas!baby playards, nuna sena mini, playpens for babies, playards


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