Prep for Avery's First Time at Daycare

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Daycare Prep

with Walmart!

In just a few short days, another huge milestone is upon us. Avery is starting daycare next week! The past 6 months of maternity leave have flown by but now it’s time to get into work mode. With that comes so many checklists, so I popped into Walmart yesterday to stock up on the things she’ll need as a breastfed baby who’s also starting solids away from home. This is my second round of daycare which has me feeling more confident than last time (and Arya is eager to show Avery the ropes), but maintaining our routines while I’m away is what’s most top of mind now!

Exclusively breastfeeding is hard, and made even harder when transitioning your little one to solids at daycare. What makes it easier for me is to make sure that I’m able to send a duplicate of almost everything we use at home, but for there. Even the same spoons! It helps babe to feel more comfortable, and it also puts my mind at ease knowing that she’ll be continuing the routines and habits we practice at home. Plus there’s nothing worse than shuffling all the things back and forth between home and daycare each day - I almost ALWAYS forget something. Buying two sets of everything for home and daycare can be expensive, so this time I took advantage of all the breastfeeding, bottle feeding and solids feeding deals happening during the “Best of Baby” sale at Walmart this month (ends Sep 30). Breastmilk storage bags, extra nursing covers and bottle feeding sets included!

Here’s a quick peek at some my favorite things to stock up on at Walmart for daycare because they’re almost always the best price!