21 Day Fix: Week Two Progress

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Week 2 of my 21 Day Fix challenge feels triumphant for me, simply because I have officially achieved a goal that I didn't even set out to accomplish! I am ashamed to admit that for the past few years of my life, I haven't been able to complete more than 5 push-ups (and even those were modified to the knees). Going into the challenge, this was something that I had just come to accept so when the routine reached push-ups, I just defaulted to saying that I "just couldn't do it". Does anyone else do this? Limit yourself from something physically just because your mind says so? Ugh, what a poor excuse right? I let this happen to me a few times until one evening when I looked in the mirror and found stronger and more toned arms already looking back at me. I'm not complaining but HOW is this possible? It's only been two weeks right? That's the power of the 21 Day Fix program.

With that in mind, the next time I got to push-ups in my workout, I decided to try to just do ONE full-out and if I didn't fall on my face, I would keep on going. Guess what? By the time I reached 10 full-out, I was SO excited that I was doing it, that I almost let out a LOUD "Whoop Whoop" lol Small wins.

I am so gosh darn proud of myself just for that simple victory, and I'll NEVER forget how good that felt. That small moment of confidence has stuck with me since, and is driving me to believe I can accomplish SO much. What's even better is that I cannot wait to share more moments just like this one with every fantastic woman joining my June challenge group next week. If you do one selfish thing for yourself today, make it something that will get you closer to achieving your goals!

*I don't care where you are on your health & fitness journey -- not yet started, struggling to stay in it, quit but have regrets? If you're looking to start celebrating your own small wins, check out the info below on my next challenge group and I'll make sure we get you there!