21 Day Fix: Week One Progress

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If you follow along on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I've been on the 21 Day Fix challenge, and also recently started my endeavor as a health and fitness coach! What initially began as my struggle to regain my pre-baby body / health has quickly evolved into so much more, and I have Team Beachbody to thank for what's been such a positive force in my postpartum journey. With 21 Day Fix, I've been armed with simple fitness, simple eating, and results!

Truth? Finding my groove again after having Arya has been hard for me. I fully believe that creating a human is nothing short of phenomenal and as such, every mommy deserves to give herself a break (and ALL the cookies and ALL the wine). But when you're actually ready to get back on the horse after that nice little break, it's intimidating and daunting to go it alone. I tried to slip back into my usual gym workouts, but found that I not only couldn't engage the way I did previously, but that I also just couldn't hang! Blowing out your abdominal and lower body strength birthing a baby makes the treadmill an instant enemy. And then that turned into excuses which turned into procrastination, and ultimately into quitting. I quit getting dressed up, quit shopping for clothes, quit working out, you name it. I've never been a quitter before though, and that was the final sign!

Ever been curious / skeptical / interested about an at-home workout program? I cannot encourage you enough to explore it. I was all of those things until I found 21 Day Fix, and since the moment I launched my first workout, there was instant change. It started small with a mental shift, which then grew into committing to something and ultimately led me to dive right in to coaching others too! Check out my week 1 progress report below -- I'll be sharing every step of the way and I hope you'll help keep me accountable!

If you think you have to go it alone, you're wrong and I can totally help show you a better way! Feel free to reach out if you have fitness and health goals of your own that you could just use support on. :)

THE GOOD: I have 100% committed to and followed through with 21DF so far. Results and weight loss aside, I feel so incredibly proud of myself, just for getting it done every day for an entire week. Also I really like Autumn's instructing style! She's quick and to the point, and magically chimes in with encouragement right when you need it. Like a fitness yoda! THE BAD: Truth? I was so pumped from day 1 and day 2 endorphins, but by day 3 and day 4 (and when muscle fatigue set in), I felt discouraged more than a couple of times during my workout. It HURT in areas I didn't know I even had! I started to get into my own head and create reasons as to why I shouldn't finish. Half the battle for me is mental, and my sore muscles had changed my mentality for the worse.

WINS: My first attempt at Pilates Fix (which is post-leg day FYI!) I tried to complete during Arya's nap. She of course woke up, but that didn't stop me. Because I didn't need to be at the actual gym to workout, I just pulled her up to my side and continued. Part of me thinks she was entertained watching me lol Also, cafe latte Shakeology is super easy to combine with my coffee. LOSSES: My muscles may hurt (mostly my legs) but my ego hurts worse. I thought I'd be much more able to hang in there without doing the modifications. Turns out I'm not quite there yet, and that's a tough pill to swallow. But I guess that's what they are there for, right? And I still get a really great burn even with the modifications, which tells me that I am still working hard!